Project Dalek: For All Your Dalek Needs

Project Dalek: For All Your Dalek Needs

Posted On: June 21, 2008
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How do you keep a geek busy? Project Dalek of course. In case you don’t know for some reason, Daleks are robots from Doctor Who.

At Project Dalek, Dr. Who fans can check out the Dalek Project. See Daleks of all kinds, learn how to build your own, and network with other Dalek fans. I guess it’s kind of a myspace for awkward geeks with a passion for the retro robots.

We like Daleks, here at Project Dalek. We like them a lot. We want more Daleks in this world. We don’t really care what size they are – scale models or full-size Daleks. We don’t care if they are ‘real’ or CG renders. So long as they are Daleks we are happy.

Are you ready to take the plunge and create a Dalek of your very own? If so, Project Dalek is the place for you. Project Dalek is the home of the ‘Dalek Builder’s Workshop Manual’, the Dalek builder’s bible. It contains everything you need to know about how to construct a full size Dalek of your very own.

We also have Dalek plans for every major Dalek variant. These are free to download, once you have become part of the Project.

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