Dogs Have Been Robots For Some Time Now

Dogs Have Been Robots For Some Time Now

Posted On: August 7, 2010
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Inside of the book, Practical Robot Circuits, are the blueprints to one of the first sensory robot dogs. In detail, the book describes how the dog is able to smell, hear, and see. Described in the various pictures and captions, the dog is able to see by photocells, able to hear through microphones, and able to smell by NTC resistors. The 1960 dog is also able to bark through a loudspeaker.

The dog also has a realistic tongue sticking out of its mouth, but the sense of taste was not added to this model. A complex system of levers and motors, powered by a battery pack, moved the dogs legs and neck, making it able to interact with it’s environment. Whether this robot was the beginning model of the Genibo QD Robot Dog, or just a prototype that was disregarded, it’s an interesting thought about how early we truly started to create artificial intelligence.