Freaky Casper-Like Telepresence Bot

Freaky Casper-Like Telepresence Bot

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Telenoid R1 comes from designer Hiroshi Ishiguro and it looks a lot like Casper the Friendly Ghost. This bot just may be the future of telepresence in Japan. Weighing in at 11-lbs. the robot’s arm stubs, tail, eyes, mouth and limbs all move in synch with the user, thanks to 9 actuators. Just…more creepy. The user’s facial expressions are transmitted to the robot through FaceAPI software, which tracks the eyes, mouth, and tilt of the head.

It’s meant to be androgynous, allowing both male and female users to use it. I just want to see some old Casper cartoons recreated with this thing, all with endings that have bloody humans on the floor. That’s just me.

This bot costs $35,000. A cheaper version covered in cloth instead of silicone will sell for $8,000 in 2011.