How Will Unmanned Planes Affect Our Future?

How Will Unmanned Planes Affect Our Future?

Posted On: May 28, 2010
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It is uncertain if they will take over our lives or help us, but either way these planes are scary. In general, there are thousands of these drones (UAVs) roaming in and around our world, but only nearly half of them are known. These anonymous planes such as the X-47B can carry up to 45,000 pounds of explosives! Some planes aren’t as scary, but eerie to look at. For example there is the Micro Air Vehicle (from Honeywell) that looks like a “flying beer keg” or to some people, a UFO. More remarkably there are planes that are able to be launched and then fly for 20-30 hours straight.

Though the idea can be creepy, they are also a very good thing for our troops. It sacrifices a lot of money, but that is better than sacrificing the lives of our soldiers. The robots don’t need people controlling them internally. They’re mainly used for surveillance of enemy territory and surveillance in general. Depending on the plane, it could send off one of its thousand pound missiles if it spotted a target. In conclusion, These robots are now our allies, but in the near future these robots are going to be completely autonomous to the point where it makes its own missions. Once it starts doing that, lets hope that the robot isn’t programmed with enough logic to blow us up. Four other UAVs are highlighted on the Dvice link below.