50 Awesome Papercraft Robots

50 Awesome Papercraft Robots

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Papercraft robots are a great alternative to collecting expensive robot action figures. Plus when you’ve completed a papercraft project, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Papercraft robots can be found all over the Internet and are fun for kids and adults alike. Here, we have gathered together fifty that we think are awesome. Enjoy.



BURN-E from the WALL-E movie.

GO-4 and M-O.

Robocop. This one even has a removable helmet.

Ed-209 from Robocop.

I love this vintage style wheeled bot.

Twiki from Buck Rogers.

Optimus Prime.

R.O.B. the Nintendo robot. This guy brings back memories.

Cylon Armor. By Your Command!

These Cubeecraft Cylons are adorable.

Barack Obama Mecha Papercraft. Prepare for change biatches. This one was a one-off.

Clank of Ratchet and Clank fame.

Dancing Papercraft robot. Turn the crank and he dances.

Aibo, Sony’s robot dog.


Droidel Papercraft R2-D2 Dreidel.

A papercraft version of the famous R2-D2 Mailbox.

Darth R2-D2.

Robby the CubeBot based on the classic 1956 Science Fiction movie, Forbidden Planet.


Android OS mascot.

Amazing Gundam MSA-0011 S.

Doctor Who K9.

Asimo, our favorite humanoid bot.

The Terminator, looking A bit squat, but still badass.

Rosie the robot from the Jetsons.

Here’s a robot dog not of the Doctor Who variety.

Awesome toy robot.

HAL 9000 Papercraft.

Hal 9000 Roomba.

V.I.N.CENT & B.O.B. robots from The Black Hole.

Bender from Futurama.

Poseable Toy Robot.

Geoff Peterson, the Robot Skeleton sidekick created by Grant Imahara for Craig Ferguson on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”.

Doctor Who Cybershade Mask.


Another papercraft bot based on a vintage tin toy.

Robot with a pistol that looks like a cigarette.


Poco Bot with 6 rotation points.

Robot owl.

Robot 2010 calendar.

Huey Duey and Luie from Silent Running.


Destructoid bot.

This guy looks angry.

Here’s another bot that many of you will recognize.