Michelangelo Failed To See In the Future, But We Didn’t

Michelangelo Failed To See In the Future, But We Didn’t

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As you may know, many parts of the human body have already started to be replaced. In the near future though, we will have new technology to replace our organs. Five of these artificial organs would be the heart, the liver, the hand, the lungs, and even the eyes. Now I know that we have robotic arms and hands already, but in the future our scientists expect us to be able to have robotic hands that can feel. They also expect us to be able to have the arms connected straight to the marrow of our bones, making it much easier and comfortable for the user. We’ve come along way since pirate days.

Another artificial organ that we have partially obtained is the heart. Right now we have hearts that are only temporary. They’re temporary because they are very susceptible to stroke-inducing clots. Possibly even tomorrow, we will have a permanent heart replacement. What makes it so promising is French Transplant Specialist Alain Carpentier’s new model said to be released by, at the latest, 2011. Other heart experts are hoping for the fake heart to have sensors where it will tell the user or physician if problems are beginning to occur. Similar to the heart in advancement, the liver has a prototype, but not a complete finished model. The new liver seems to do the simplest jobs of a real liver, but of course there are still problems with it too.

The lungs and eyes are very similar in their technological advancements too. Both at the time being do not have a prototype to the idea. In fact, the closest things to artificial lungs are ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation) machines and the closest things to artificial eyes are glass eyes. At the moment there is a lot of research underway about both artificial lungs and eyes. For eyes, they are trying to produce an artificial one by putting together a camera with electrical nerve sensors. So far, it is not so successful because the results have come up just be simple patterns of light and dark. Similar, the MC3 BioLung is designed to work alongside a natural lung, exchanging oxygen from the air with carbon dioxide from the bloodstream. Concluding, all the organs of our human body may one day be replaced, but when you see an apocalypse like The Terminator Movie, don’t complain that there was no warning.