Vstone Outs Three Mini Humanoids

Vstone Outs Three Mini Humanoids

Posted On: January 9, 2010
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Vstone has now announced three mini humanoids, which are all part of the “Robovie” series of two-legged robots. Buyers can choose a new Robovie-X model and two versions of Robovie-nano. And Vstone is offering the three not as kits but as finished products, which will save you some time.

The original version of Robovie-X was released in February 2008, and they’ve sold several variations of X since. This ”Robovie-X Complete Set” Version stands 18cm tall, weighs 1.3kg and features a total of 17 joints in its body. You can control it with a wireless remote control.

Nano is 12cm tall and 575g heavy. Vstone started selling Nano in September. The company now offers a “controller version” where buyers get a wireless remote control and a “special version”. Robovie-X costs $1,450. Robovie-nano is priced at $800 for the controller version and $915 for the special version. All three robots will be available in mid-January.