The 2009 Botropolis Robot Gift Guide

The 2009 Botropolis Robot Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again. Let’s hope that this isn’t the year that robots decide to roast some human chestnuts on an open fire and use our intestines as yule logs to light a fire in their cold incinerator hearts. For the moment we seem to be safe, so let’s take a look at some cool robot gifts for Xmas. Just consult the Botropolis 2009 Christmas gift guide. We have all of your gift giving needs covered.

The Roboni-i Robot/Gaming system: This programmable, 2 wheeled bot sports 16 sensors and users can program the robot and design games with PC based software, then play. You get the bot, controller, gun, scoop, ball, “unihubs” and more for $189.95.

Robot USB Drives: Awesomely retro USB hub that is full of personality. Only $13.95.

Terminator Salvation Skull Box: Blu-ray discs and a head! What more do you need? £54.99 ($89.74).

Futurama-The Complete Collection Includes Bender’s Head: Here’s another robot head in a box. Each episode ever aired is included, including easter eggs, deleted scenes, etc. Best of all it comes in a collectible Bender head box that will look great on your mantle. $129.99.

WowWee’s Roborover: You can never go wrong with a WowWee robot every single Christmas. Fun for both kids and adults. $59.95.

Wind Up Salt & Pepper Bots: Don’t pass the salt, have the salt walk to you as nature intended! These cute Salt and Pepper shakers will make mealtime fun again. $33.

Isaac Asimov’s Robot Novels: For the reader in your life who wants some intelligent fiction involving robots, check out Isaac Asimov’s classic robot novels. Start them off with The Caves Of Steel, followed by The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn and Robots and Empire. That should keep you busy for awhile.

Bunk Bots: If you want some cuddly bots with an attitude, Bunk Bots fit the bill. Soft, cuddly, plotting your demise…

Wall-E Toy That Actually Cleans: The M-O (micro-obliterator) from Wall-E. Move it and it will clean up dirt, dust, crumbs on your desk.

Pleo: Yes, he’s still around. Still cute as ever and waiting for you to give him a home. $199.99.

Retro Robot Kitchen Timers: These come in several playful varieties. All will add some fun to your kitchen, while displaying your geeky love of robots. Oh, and they will also let you know when your food is done. $12.

Piperoid paper craft robot kits: Build your own paper army of robots. There are plenty of characters available for hours of fun. $13-$16.

Hallmark Robby The Robot Ornament and Forbidden Planet Ultimate Collector’s Edition: Every year Hallmark comes out new keepsake ornaments and this year it’s the 4 1/2″ battery operated Robby the Robot, which even talks. There’s also the Forbidden Planet Ultimate Collector’s Edition, where you get a remaster of the original 1956 movie, some lobby cards and a second disc with “lost footage”, “The Invisible Boy,” a 1957 movie that featured Robby and “Watch the Skies: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us,” a 2005 documentary from TMC. The best part is you also get a 3″ die cast Robby. All for $43.99.

Midwest Toy Robot Fabric Ornaments: Soft and fun robot decor that you can display anywhere. You get all 3 for $59.99.

Crayola Glow Dome: This is a pretty neat toy all on it’s own, but the most awesome thing about it is that you can create a cool robot head as seen in the video above. That’s reason enough to lay down $22.97 right there.

Robots vs. Aliens Shirt: There has never been a truer shirt. Ever. About $39.78.

Robot Figures from sleepyrobot13: Etsy seller sleepyrobot13 creates polymer clay robots(And other things) that are absolutely adorable. Each is unique. $10.

Retro Robot Christmas Ornaments: You can never have too many robot ornaments. Me, I ain’t stopping until my tree is covered with them. Good thing Amazon has a bunch of different robo-ornaments for sale.