Hands On: WowWee’s Roborover

Hands On: WowWee’s Roborover

Posted On: November 18, 2009
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WowWee was kind enough to send us a Roborover for review. Roborover has a good natured personality, plays games, lights up, and interacts on a very basic level. Like all of WowWee’s bots, this little guy is a lot of fun.

As usual, we love what the company has done with design. Roborover is bright yellow color and very human-like. How could you not want to play with him? He has the usual carry handle on back and the treads are not only functional, they look great.

Roborover is pretty easy to figure out right out of the box, but you’ll want to consult the manual for the finer points. Just pop in four C batteries and three AAA’s for the remote, press the on button and he powers up and asks to go on an adventure with you and immediately starts exploring. Be fore-warned, he’s a chatterbox. Much more talkative than Tri-Bot. Truth be told I found Roborovers talk to be kind of annoying. It didn’t grab me the way Tri-Bot did. Just seemed dumbed down and repetitive. But still, your 7 year old won’t care. He’ll love that the bot is talking to him and interacting.

WowWee did a great job with the tread-based wheels. They allow Roborover to navigate over most low obstacles while staying stable on uneven surfaces. And even though they do not recommend it, he travels well outdoors. One thing you should know for inside play is that he’s going to be slower on carpet and the treads of course will pick up dust, carpet fiber, and hair, but it’s easy to clean.

For the most part RoboRover is great about avoiding obstacles, but he has a real problem when he gets into a tight space and can’t get out on his own.

His headlight is just a basic on and off.

The remote is easy to use and even kids should find it self explanatory and easy to select the 5 modes.

In Demo mode Roborover shows off by speaking, and moving in all directions. In Explore mode he moves around and talks your ear off. Game mode consists of the Tomb game and the Swamp game. Both are memory games where the robot moves in a certain pattern and you have to repeat. In Lookout mode Roborover will scan the area and then wait. If he detects motion an alarm sounds. He will stand guard for up to 10 minutes. Seek mode allows RoboRover to find you. Move away, hold the Seek button and he will find you. Though sometimes he thinks he’s found you when he only spotted an object.

Bottom line: We really love what WowWee does with design and personality on their bots. They move around great. We love the bot, but we really want to see WowWee push it more with interactivity. The bot performs very well, but makes a lot of mistakes, where as Tri-Bot from last year performed very well.

We say buy it. You’ll have a great time even if you get bored quickly. But more importantly it should entertain your kid for much longer. You can’t go wrong really.

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