TOTO Robot Catches Tennis Balls

TOTO Robot Catches Tennis Balls

Posted On: September 30, 2009
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If the dog is feeling worn out, why not have a stimulating game of catch with a robot? Toto never tires of catching tennis balls, never wavers, never complains. And that is why you can’t trust it. It’s liable to get boring as hell catching balls your whole life and so one day you may have to kill to get your point across. So I expect that one day soon Toto will grab a human by the balls and never let go. But for the moment it remains subservient.

TOTO was conceived at Reinhold-Würth University. TOTO is short for Tracking of Thrown Objects. The camera-equipped system views and tracks incoming objects, and when they get in catching range, it clamps down and catches. Bound to get boring…