Flying Surveillance Robots Coming Soon From Aeryon

Flying Surveillance Robots Coming Soon From Aeryon

Posted On: August 3, 2009
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Very soon police may use flying surveillance bots to catch the bad guys. It’s closer than ever to becoming a reality. At the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit, Aeryon Labs President Dave Kroetsch gave a compelling pitch on his company. His company makes a two-pound robot helicopter with enough on-board intelligence and stability control to allow it to be flown by people who just point to locations on a Google Map-based interface.

The whole kit fits in a suitcase-sized crate and can be quickly assembled on the fly. After the user snaps the bot together, he or she just points to a spot on a map. The device has a motion-compensated camera that can take 5-megapixel stills and stream video back to the operator’s tablet.

The Aeryon Scout can fly in up to 30 mph winds for up to 20 minutes and is limited to 500 feet in altitude (FAA restrictions). One kit costs $50,000, but police could do wonders with just one of these.