iCub Learns Objects

iCub Learns Objects

Posted On: August 3, 2009
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Remember iCub, the child robot? He’s been busy at the Departments of Computing and Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College in London, learning to use cognition to interact with the world.

“Nature developed cognition for us in order to make us better at interacting with the physical and social world. If we want to understand the nature of cognition better then we really need to understand it in the context of something that moves or interacts with objects. That is where iCub can help us.”

The team will test their theories about cognition by connecting a computer simulation of a brain to iCub. As it processes information about the environment, it will send bursts of electrical energy to its motors that will move its arms, head, eyes and fingers to carry out very simple tasks. iCub has already learned to identify objects and look from one to another, to do gentle calisthenics, and…drum wildly in the video below.