Insect Cyborg May One Day Save Your Life

Insect Cyborg May One Day Save Your Life

Posted On: July 13, 2009
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No one is more motivated or certified to work on bugs then the Pentagon. Yes they’re back at it. Scientists in the government have made many different bug cyborgs such as the Suicide Micro Air Vehicles, but this one can save your life.

It’s not like were in the Twilight Zone, but its pretty odd that a bug could save your life. Well this is how it works. If you were trapped in a building that had collapsed (such as the WTC), you would be crying out for help. Well, what if there were bugs that the government trained there to rescue you. These little critters can fit in small crevices and detect humans by heat or smell. It’ll then give out a cry in its bug manner when it finds you and will eventually be noticed by human-controlled transceivers.

The other way that these critters can save your life is quite simple. Whether you like it or not, you know that there are bugs living within your walls. Well what if those bugs were trained to sniff out smoke or gas leaks. They could save you life. Hopefully the government will figure out a mark for these critters so we know which ones are okay to crush.