First Cyborg: Opportunity Or World Damnation

First Cyborg: Opportunity Or World Damnation

Posted On: June 12, 2009
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On the bright side, this Robot-rat brain combination can open many door ways to understanding the brain and gaining access to the other 96% of our brain. Some fellow scientists at the University of Reading tell us that the brain of the rat communicates with the robotic parts to tell it what to do, just like a robotic-arm replacement would work, but here’s the creepy part. The rat brain gets the signals back. To simplify it, it works like a normal brain; it learns from it’s lessons. Hell, this rat-brain cyborg could be more advanced in its lifetime than some adults these days.

On the dark-side, there’s the possibility of world destruction. You can read more on that via our older post of this cyborg or you can just use your imagination to think of many demonic ways about ending the world through cyborgs.. I don’t know if it’s just the creepy music in the video, but this reminds me too much of Terminator. After all, everything does start out small… such as this cyborg.