PaPeRo Home Robot Is Your GPS Buddy

PaPeRo Home Robot Is Your GPS Buddy

Posted On: July 29, 2008
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NEC’s PaPeRo robotic buddy is just like other home robots, but when you leave home he will still be helping you, because he doubles as an assistant in the car. It uses the knowledge it’s learned while aiding you around the house to give you directions.

For example, a driver is trying to get to Yokohama in Japan for a date. Based on previous conversations between the driver and the robot, the ‘bot will work out what it can with a home server and give you the best route on a dash-mounted GPS unit. The GPS unit has a little PaPeRo on the screen. If it doesn’t have enough information, it will ask you questions until it knows what it needs to and remember the answers.

Thanks PaPeRo. Now I can date girls. What’s that? No, she won’t come between us? Why must she die? Yes master!