Robot Brain Jumps Bodies

Robot Brain Jumps Bodies

Posted On: June 5, 2009
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Researchers in the UK are thinking about the problems of having a whole staff of robot servants with different tasks, bodies and features. Controlling a varied team of them could be time-consuming and demanding. The answer may be to give all the robots on a household staff a single artificial “personality” that jumps from one body to another, giving the mistress or master of the house a single interface to interact with.

To test the idea, the team has created an ideal robotic home in a typical British suburban semi-detached house with around ten rooms across two floors. The house has about five robots of varying shapes and sizes as well as computer screens displaying a graphical companion called Greta, which gives the human residents a different way to interact with the robots.

To keep things simple they created a single interface that acts like a head butler, accepting commands from the homeowner on behalf of all the subordinate robots and answering questions. The “head butler” function can jump from machine to machine, so that at any point during a chore the homeowner can accost and question the machine that’s in action. It’s an amazing way to interact with all of it, for sure. Click through for the full story.

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