Mini – Mac Computers “Playing” Volleyball

Mini – Mac Computers “Playing” Volleyball

Posted On: June 3, 2009
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In one sense, you could say that the robot is playing volleyball, but that’s only if you are a server. This little Sandcrawler comes around and instead of picking up R2-D2′s and C3PO’s, it picks up volleyballs. Because it’s equipped with an Isight camera, built-in GPS, and autonamous navigation (all in the Mac mini), it is possible to navigate around obstacles and find volleyballs based on their color, size, and roundness.

After it finds the ball and finally picks it up, it drops it into the ball shooter and blasts it off after being sent to a programmed GPS spot. Since it only sends the ball a certain distance, it is meant for spiking practice. Another all-great feature about this robot is that it can be controlled not by just the automatic computer, but also by remote control. You could use a large-ranged serial transmitter or even a wireless Playstation controller.

Shown in the short video above, The volleyball server picks up the ball with its gripper on the back and sets it off with the ball shooter in the center of it’s body.