CB2 “Child Robot” Is Back: Smarter, Creepier too

CB2 “Child Robot” Is Back: Smarter, Creepier too

Posted On: April 6, 2009
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I can hardly look at this thing. I keep seeing my face shredded as it pulls out my intestines and holds them up for me to see. “Child-robot with Biomimetic Body,” or CB2, has now returned to creep you out. Over the past two years at Osaka University, it’s been learning, and can now apparently use its 51 air-powered motors to move itself through a room “quite smoothly” with some help.

The researchers behind the bot are also talking about some future projects, including a new “robo species” that they say will have learning abilities “somewhere between those of a human and other primate species such as the chimpanzee.”

Sure, bring that one on too. More ammo please.