Toy Fair 2009: Two Full Aisles Of Robots

Toy Fair 2009: Two Full Aisles Of Robots

Posted On: February 15, 2009
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Toy Fair 2009 officially kicked off earlier today and our intrepid Bunk Bots were on the scene. Here’s our guy going for an interview with a Bioloid robot, but it looks like he’s about to get clobbered. Bioloid bots allow you to build a bunch of different bots out of one kit. This one means business.

Bunk Bots know no fear. Here’s a shot of our guy entering the Hex Bug arena and preparing to do battle. The HEXBUG Ant is the latest in this buggy line, a speedy six-legged micro robotic creature with long mobile antennas and hooked claws. Just like the HEXBUG Inchworm, Crab and Original, they are designed to mimic the real insects.

A robot just can’t trust another robot. Looks like this owirobot has had enough and is moving in for the kill. See a video of this bot here.

Surrounded by Spykees! These are the usual suspects as far as Spykees go. I’m not sure how this all ended because I lost communication with our bot just after it sent this pic.

Stay tuned all week for more Toy Fair 2009 news. As soon as we catch our breath a little we’ll have more detailed info on the stuff we’re showing you.