Engine Sentai Go-onger:  Utter Madness

Engine Sentai Go-onger: Utter Madness

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Last week we told you about a robot toy in Japan that was reportedly hurting children. What kind of masochists would choose to play with toys that inflict pain on their owners? I couldn’t figure out why somebody would subscribe to such suffering, but then today I saw a clip for the series the toys are based on, and now I know. This show is effing awesome.
The show is called Engine Sentai Go-onger, or Engine Squadron Go-onger in English. Basically this show is a mix of Power Rangers and Transformers. “The motif of this series is animals, the motor industry, and environmentalism.”
This clip shows the materialization of Engine Oh G12, which is a massive robot made of 12 vehicles. I don’t know how environmentalism plays a role when the protagonist is an energy guzzling conglomeration of petrol-burning automobiles, but I don’t care! I think it’s safe to say that Oh G12 could destroy Optimus Prime any day—G12 has robot car shoes and part of his body is an airplane. This show looks absolutely nuts. I wish I had this as a kid, instead I had to watch Antiques Roadshow and Charles in Charge. A simpler time!