Vstone Tichnos Sell Backpacks, Dance Around

Vstone Tichnos Sell Backpacks, Dance Around

Posted On: August 10, 2012
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You might remember Vstone’s Tichnos robots. They were designed more or less to sell stuff and promote products or businesses. Well, they have been hard at work doing just that. The proof is in this wacky new television commercial airing in Japan.

It shows seven Vstone Tichnos modeling a new line of backpacks from Nitori and dancing around. It’s a fun little commercial. I really want to see what else these humanoids promote, because I think that anything they endorse is bound to sell like hot cakes. There’s just something mesmerizing about dancing robots and simultaneous product placement that grabs my brain and doesn’t let go. I think we have found the future of commercial television.

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