Meshworm takes a beating

Meshworm takes a beating

Posted On: August 10, 2012
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Meshworm from researchers at MIT, Harvard University and Seoul National University, can take one heck of a beating and live on to worm it’s way to it’s destination. Watch in fascination as researchers beat it with a mallet and step on it. It keeps right on squirming.

This worm equivalent robot is made from “artificial muscle”. That’s fancy talk for a flexible mesh tube segmented by loops of nickel/titanium wire. The wire contracts and squeezes the tube when a flowing current is introduced. Cut the power and it goes back to the original shape. This is how it handles propulsion, just like a real worm.

As you might have guessed DARPA is involved. Maybe they think it can tunnel under fencing and perform some intel. Or otherwise just creep out the enemy.