Jake PR2 Robot Donated To Help Quadriplegic

Jake PR2 Robot Donated To Help Quadriplegic

Posted On: August 7, 2012
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You have to love a story like this. It warms your heart. Recently, Willow Garage donated Jake, one of their PR2s, as a personal service bot to one Henry Evans, who became a quadriplegic after suffering a stroke. Sure, this was a mighty nice thing to do for the guy, but I’m sure that they will also get some valuable feedback about how Jake handles himself in a real world environment.

And keep in mind, disabled people do not want robots that can do everything for them. They want to be as independant as possible. They just want a bot to give them a hand now and then with things that they need help with. Things like programming Jake to help him shave, scratch, get things.

I’m sure that Jake will get stuck folding some laundry too, because we all hate that.