Zeno boy robot

Zeno boy robot

Posted On: August 4, 2012
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Hanson Robotics is showing off its new humanoid robot boy from the Robokind line. If he looks familiar that’s because this is a new version of its earlier Zeno boy. It is now more humanoid with several gestures and eye movements. This Chinese robot stands 27 inches tall, with a head made out of “Frubber”, a spongy, structured elastic polymer that can mimic facial movements. This skin like substance can even contract and fold just like our skin.

The eye expressions are helped by moving eyelids. The eyes themselves have a pair of high-definition cameras for facial recognition. With 37 degrees of movement, this is the most a Hanson robot has ever had. It uses an open source platform. Hanson will release a complete SDK for software development on any Robokind platform very soon.

Zeno boy will soon have a playmate in his sister Alice, who will also be available soon. There will also be smaller versions that are less expensive. Right now Hanson’s high-end robots will cost you from $8500 to $14,750.