SAMI Robot Uses Kinect Technology

SAMI Robot Uses Kinect Technology

Posted On: July 20, 2012
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PrimeSense, the Israeli company behind the 3D sensors in the Kinect, are working in the robotics field now. It may be a far cry from the video game world, but these sensors are making a difference in robotics. The company’s sensors were used in iRobot’s telecommunication robot, Ava, and now they are in SAMI, a robot platform created by France’s CRIIF.

PrimeSense sensors in the robot’s torso detect people, while the sensors in the base help it avoid bumping into objects. Potential applications for SAMI include manufacturing, healthcare and much more. It took about $100,000 and six people to create this robot. Obviously the crude and cheap appearance will have to go. Hopefully, the next time we see him, he will have had a makeover.