Robot Gorillas may be pretty useful

Robot Gorillas may be pretty useful

Posted On: July 18, 2012
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Robot designer Davide Faconti was working on a robot for DARPA’s robotic design challenge. The requirements were that it had to be capable of driving a vehicle, opening doors, climbing ladders, and using tools. They began work on a humanoid robot, but it wasn’t cutting it. So soon after, they switched to an ape robot dubbed the Silverback, which had the added benefit of being able to walk on all fours, for added stability.

The design goes so far as to include arm-guards, using a spring-loaded release mechanism, that protect its hands as it walks like an ape. Sadly this project wasn’t selected as a finalist in the DARPA challenge. However it is interesting to ponder the possibilities of a simian robot over a humanoid, robot. I wonder if we will see more monkeying around with similar designs. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Check out some of the renders.

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