Mind-controlled robot goes for a walk

Mind-controlled robot goes for a walk

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Humans controlling robots with their mind, instead of the other way around? Yeah, give us some more of that please. That’s what the Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-embodiment (VERE) group is working on. New Scientist gives the details on a test that uses fMRI brain activity-sensing technology to control a robot in France from a laboratory in Israel. Make sure you watch the video. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

The volunteer walked around a room, followed a person with the small robot and located a teapot, all while using visuals from a camera in the robot’s head. It is far from perfect, with a small delay, but it can be compensated for. One big use for such technology is with paralyzed subjects, giving them the opportunity to control a surrogate with their mind. But the possibilities are endless really.

Next they plan to try a Japanese robot that is about the height of a human.