Mahoro Robot Does Dangerous Lab Work Fast

Mahoro Robot Does Dangerous Lab Work Fast

Posted On: July 9, 2012
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Mahoro wants to cut down on accidents and speed things up. was developed by both AIST and Yaskawa. It’s designed to do dangerous lab work that was previously done manually by humans. It can handle jobs like culturing and dispensing more accurately and faster than a human can. Like most bots, it does the job better and in half the time. It also helps to make sure that accidents don’t happen.

The arms have seven joints instead of the usual six and that the robot arms can replicate the elbow joint of a human, which in turn means more flexibility. The end result is a robot that is more efficient. I’m sure we will see more bots with seven joints since it is working so well.

They are using it now in some pharmacies and universities. Once they make it safer for humans to be around it, it will show up in other places as well.