Flying robot crashes and keeps flying

Flying robot crashes and keeps flying

Posted On: June 16, 2012
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We have plenty of traditional robots that can perform search and rescue and exploration, but what about when you need to get into a tight spot like a cave? The robot is bound to hit the wall at some point and then it is game over. But not with a robot that can crash and then right itself.

This autonomous flying robot is modeled after the way that insects can hit an obstacle and then get right up and take flight. Adam Klaptocz, a doctoral candidate in robots at the EPFL in Switzerland, along with his colleagues managed to construct a lightweight autonomous robot that can perform the same feat, thanks to a carbon fiber cage that offers the necessary protection. The structure is light enough that it will not bog down the machine or interfere with its center of gravity. When it crashes, it can get right back up and continue the job at hand.