Review: Zibits Mini R/C Robots

Review: Zibits Mini R/C Robots

Posted On: November 4, 2010
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We told you about Zibits way back earlier in the year and now we had a chance to check these little R/C bots out with our own hands as the company sent us a pair to review. You might remember, Zibits are small remote controlled robots that come in a variety of neat characters and colors. There are at least 12 to collect in Series 1 and we assume a second series is coming soon.

Just pop 2 AAA batteries into the little remote, turn the bot on and you are ready to play. Most robot toys are fun to play with, but not for very long. And toys today just lack imagination in general. Happily, Zibits are good for longer lasting fun and they actually put a smile on this robot lover’s face. I think it’s because they have character.

Even though they don’t do much, they do it well. The remote controls forward and turning. That’s it. But it’s all you need. These bots are speedy, frantic and have some high quality droid sounds that are just awesome. They also have lights, depending on the bot. Each has it’s own look and personality, so when you get a few together it’s even funner.

They did a great job with these and clearly put a lot of thought into the design. So whether you are younger or older, you will get more mileage out of these compared to other small robot toys. That’s one of the main things we like about these and you don’t see it often these days. Botropolis highly recommends that you put some Zibits under the tree and in stockings this Christmas.