Review: MORAV The History Of Robotic Warfare

Review: MORAV The History Of Robotic Warfare

Posted On: August 23, 2010
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Fon Davis has created a comic book that should serve as a great starting point for his MORAV universe. MORAV is an action/sci-fi story that is hard to categorize. It’s probably closest to Military Sci-Fi. Massive armored robots are at the center of a corporate war for control of the country of Tangri Island. MORAV centers around various characters as they struggle for personal and political freedom, honor, justice and peace.

While MORAV is all about the 30-foot tall robots, Fon handled the story the smart way. Sure, you could have every other page filled with giant robots fighting, but that’s just a cheap thrill. Instead, Fon and the team of creators chose to actually tell a compelling story that unfolds like a great Military Sci-Fi movie over 160 pages. And yes, it is a page turner.

It’s dark and gritty, full of action, with political and sociological undercurrents that anyone living today can easily understand. Fon clearly knows the limits to which society can trust their governments/leaders and it is easy to see how they could abuse MORAV technology without a second thought, for their own personal gain.

The art alone is worth the asking price. This is 160 pages of awesome! This is a quality comic book for anyone who loves a good robot story. It’s obviously just a prologue to a much larger world that Fon will explore in movies, more comics and other mediums. I’m already looking forward to the ride. There are rich story possibilities in what he has started here. The team did a great job all around.

It retails for $17.95, but it looks like it’s available on Amazon for just 12.11.